What is Leadership Clark County?

Leadership Clark County provides educational services to current and future Springfield community leaders to develop their leadership skills and sensitivity to community needs, and encourages individuals from diverse backgrounds to assume community leadership roles and to contribute their talents and energies to community service.

Our organization is run by a handful of talented, local individuals who enjoy propelling others forward to become leaders in our great community.  Each committee is dedicated to making Leadership Clark County a phenomenal program for all who participate as well as keeping it focused on making a positive difference in our community.

CURRICULUM:  The Curriculum Committee develops the curriculum for the entire Community Leadership Academy. Committee members work in small teams to design and coordinate individual Academy sessions. Currently, there are eight Academy sessions per cohort. The sessions begin in September and conclude by March. The Curriculum Committee is constituted of recent Academy graduates, established Academy alumni and Leadership Trustees.

FINANCE:  The Finance Committee plays an important role for the Board of Trustees. The Finance Committee has two main functions. The first is to review and compile the annual budgets submitted by each of the committees as well as to prepare the overall budget of the organization. The budget is then presented to the Board of Trustees for approval. The second function is to recommend financial policies for adoption by the Board of Trustees. Having these policies in place helps ensure the organization is fiscally responsible with its financial resources.

 PUBLIC RELATIONS:  The PR Committee is charged with keeping our past and present alumni engaged through servant leadership.  It is our desire to find new and enjoyable ways to discover our community and ways to use the talents of our alumni to help a local non-profit organization in Clark County each quarter by giving back. The committee is also responsible for the promotion of Leadership Clark County and its various programs.  We meet monthly on the 3rd Monday at 4:30pm in the community room of the Commerce Point building although we are combined with The Amazing Race Committee from June to early September.

GOVERNANCE:  The Governance Committee examines how the board is functioning and whether the board is fulfilling its responsibilities and living up to the goals and objectives set for Leadership Clark County. Specific responsibilities include: Finding, keeping and/or removing Board members which fulfill the needs of the board (skills, abilities, access to resources, etc.); Educating Board members both through initial orientation and on an on-going basis; Evaluating how the Board communicates and functions as a group. The committee will meet monthly/quarterly.


Other Committees:

Golf (March to May)

Art of the Cocktail (November to February)

Amazing Race (June to September)